We’re really pleased to have been named in Forrester’s Channel Software Tech Stack for the second year running, alongside many prestigious and long-established technology companies.

The Channel Software Tech Stack is an annual report published by Principle Analyst, Jay McBain. He uses his vast experience and industry network to identify and analyse a group of technologies that Tech companies use to identify, recruit, enable and manage partners, and the business that is transacted through them.

Exciting times for IQBlade

The continued recognition by Forrester is a testament to the great work that our engineering and data teams have delivered in the last 12 months. It comes at a pivotal time for IQBlade following our acquisition by Tech Data at the end of 2019; the expansion of our services into additional countries and – hot off the press – the acquisition of Tech Data by Apollo Global Management on 30th June 2020.

Forrester Tech Categorisation 

The 159 software companies selected by Forrester are placed in seven technology categories. IQBlade appears in the Channel Data Management section, which Forrester estimates to be worth $208 million this year. Here is Forrester’s description for this category:

“Collects, cleanses, and aggregates transactional point-of-sale and inventory data from partners and distributors in a trusted single data asset that enables business and actionable intelligence. It includes new categories of predictive analytics, AI, and machine learning.”

In the Channel Data Management category, IQBlade sits alongside such well-established brands as Canalys, Salesforce and Tech Target. McBain explains why he believes the solutions offered by companies like IQBlade are essential:

“With the rapidly shifting partner landscape, channel leaders and B2B marketers can no longer succeed with manual, human-centric processes or rely on spreadsheets to manage their partner programs. With the trifurcation of partners into influencer, transactional, and retention categories, managing a plethora of concurrent activities without sufficient automation is no longer possible.”

As a Tech Data company, IQBlade has joined a worldwide initiative to put data, digitisation and automation at the heart of the vendor and customer experience. With this initiative, and the recent announcement of a $750 million digital transformation investment plan, Tech Data is committed to leveraging data as a key enabler of sustained and accelerated business growth for our partners in the technology ecosystem.

At IQBlade, we are delighted to be listed among the leading companies in our industry and look forward to an even brighter future for our platform and services.

About IQBlade

IQBlade is the data science practice within Tech Data in Europe. Our real-time sales data and advanced analytics platform enable vendors and channel partners to make smarter, more agile, sales and marketing plans based on meaningful, value-added market insights.

To find out more, visit IQBlade.

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