IQBlade is pleased to be listed in The Canalys Channels Ecosystem Landscape 2022 as one of 15 companies in the Channel Data Management cohort, of which only 5 were based in Europe.
The Canalys Channels Ecosystem Landscape 2022 recognizes 223 companies globally who will drive competitive advantage to users of their platforms as they try to design, develop and manage a broad partner and alliance ecosystem.

“IQBlade’s inclusion in the research further vindicates TD SYNNEX’ investment in the IQBlade platform (and data) as a means of providing support to vendor and channel partners who want to adopt a data-led approach to their growth initiatives.

By using such a data-led approach, sales and marketing initiatives can be much more targeted and personalised, resulting in improved engagement and conversion.”

– Anthony Young, Co-founder and CEO of IQBlade.

“Our inclusion in Canalys’s landscape reinforces our belief that effective use of digital platforms and services will become increasingly important to vendors and distributors who want to manage, grow and develop a channel ecosystem in the future.

“As ecosystems and buying patterns become more complex, it’s essential that vendors can continue to get key messages and programmes out to market, through partners, in the most effective and productive manner. This is especially true of the small and mid-market space where a digital first approach is becoming really important and effective.”

– Ben Abraham, Co-founder and Head of Product and Innovation at IQBlade.

IQBlade delivers data, platform and marketing solutions, in partnership with TD SYNNEX, to 17 countries across Europe. We enable vendors to improve their reach and impact to channel partners and their end customers through a variety of channels and engagement methodologies, as one-off or always-on, data-led campaigns.

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